10 restaurants beschikbaar in de buurt

Grand Cafe Restaurant 1e klas1. Grand Cafe Restaurant 1e klas0.42 mi
(2 recensies)
Frans | De Wallen,

"Really lovely interior, old station waiting room type ambience, very elegant. Staff dressed very smartly. We had to book in advance as it was very busy - Saturday evening. We opted for the 3 course menu for 30 euros a head, you could choose any three items from the menu so it wasn't a fixed menu. Very good value for money as were the drinks, G&T 6 euros. Only downside was the initial indifference of the staff who greeted us at the door. The guy, who I assumed was the head waiter, gave us quite a sniffy look and said, before I'd even asked for a table"we are full, have you booked"? He didn't escort us to a table, just pointed at it. Our waiter however was quite attentive and brought drinks promptly. Had to wait a while for our starter but the ambience was so nice we didn't mind (the resident parrot is very entertaining!). Meal was very good, not fabulous. We went back a second time, this time for lunch while we were waiting for our train to depart Amsterdam Centraal. Same head waiter was there; this time he didn't even acknowledge us. We sat down and waited over 20 minutes for someone to even give us the menu. Two other tables who were already there when we arrived, actually walked out. Because of the slowness of the service we had to rush our meal because we'd only allowed an hour for lunch. Not sure why as there were several staff just either chatting or milling about, it wasn't overly busy. Nice building, good food; staffing needs improvement."Meer weergeven

Thai & Co Amsterdam2. Thai & Co Amsterdam0.5 mi
(4 recensies)
Thais | Haarlemmerbuurt,

"Great meal. Mains were better than starters. Loved the yellow curry and shrimp fried rice."Meer weergeven

5&333. 5&330.51 mi
(5 recensies)
Mediterraan | Binnenstad/Burgwallen,

"Best Truffle Pasta! Amazing service !"Meer weergeven

Wyers Restaurant & Bar4. Wyers Restaurant & Bar0.54 mi
(55 recensies)
Amerikaans | Binnenstad/Burgwallen,

"Went back for the second time. Very good. Steak and frites recommended."Meer weergeven

Kluis5. Kluis0.56 mi
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Internationaal | Haarlemmerbuurt,
Park Plaza Victoria Restaurant6. Park Plaza Victoria Restaurant0.56 mi
(4 recensies)
Europees | Binnenstad/Burgwallen,

"Great place to dine. Service was fast and efficient. Friendly staff. Food was amazing. Loved the Sea Bass."Meer weergeven

Van Speyk7. Van Speyk0.59 mi
(124 recensies)
Nederlandse | Binnenstad/Burgwallen,

"Excellent food selection with a good proportion of Dutch sourced produce beautifully prepared and presented by pleasant staff. You certainly need to book ahead. Duck and Oysters were both superb as was my wife's choice of beef stew."Meer weergeven

La Brasa8. La Brasa0.6 mi
(3 recensies)
Argentijns | Jordaan,

"Excellent food! The staff is also very kind and attentive. The herbed butter is simply amazing."Meer weergeven

Toro Dorado9. Toro Dorado0.6 mi
(36 recensies)
Steakhouse | Binnenstad/Burgwallen,

"Beautiful food, mouth waters just thinking about it!"Meer weergeven

De Compagnon10. De Compagnon0.61 mi
(6 recensies)
Frans | De Wallen,

"We hebben hier heerlijk genoten van verassende gerechten. Wijn/spijs combinatie ook een aanrader."Meer weergeven