10 restaurants beschikbaar in de buurt

Restaurant Red1. Restaurant Red0.09 mi
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Internationaal | Grachtengordel,
Garlic Queen2. Garlic Queen0.09 mi
(14 recensies)
Internationaal | Grachtengordel,

"We were in Amsterdam for only a few days and had eaten here almost 8 years ago. It was such a memorable experience that we wanted to return. Everything we ate was delicious and served with a smile. We recommend this restaurant wholeheartedly!"Meer weergeven

Sampurna3. Sampurna0.11 mi
(18 recensies)
Indonesisch | Grachtengordel,

"Having been to a competing Indonesian restaurant earlier in the week, Sampurna surpassed our expectations on every level. The food was outstanding, with varied spice levels and textural differences throughout the rijsttafel. The skewers were the highlight of the meal, with the goat, chicken and beef skewers all incredible. A truly wonderful meal."Meer weergeven

al Bàcaro4. al Bàcaro0.15 mi
(4 recensies)
Italiaans | Grachtengordel,

"My wife and I were spending three days in Amsterdam and our last night was at Al Bacaro. A wonderful evening and good food - thank you!"Meer weergeven

Memories Of India5. Memories Of India0.17 mi
(8 recensies)
Indiaas | Grachtengordel,

"I visit this restaurant whenever I am in Amsterdam. I love the food."Meer weergeven

Restaurant Lt. Cornelis6. Restaurant Lt. Cornelis0.21 mi
(9 recensies)
Modern Europees | De Pijp,

"Wonderful! The restaurant team even stayed after as we booked on Open Table and came in around 9:30pm. However, the kitchen was closing around 10pm. They stayed after and served a beautiful and delicious five course meal with wine pairing. The music choice was also phenomenal."Meer weergeven

Zushi7. Zushi0.22 mi
(6 recensies)
Sushi | Grachtengordel,

"Het eten is meer dan lekker, veel beter dan van een restaurant van zo'n sushi-keten, bediening is goed en professioneel, overstijgt ook nogal de bediening geformeerd met studenten of tijdelijke invalkrachten."Meer weergeven

Wurst & Schnitzelhaus8. Wurst & Schnitzelhaus0.23 mi
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Duits | De Pijp,
El Vino9. El Vino0.24 mi
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Mexicaans | Grachtengordel,
Villa Maria10. Villa Maria0.25 mi
(4 recensies)
Steakhouse | Apollobuurt,

"Nice dinner with family while visiting Amsterdam."Meer weergeven