24 restaurants beschikbaar in de buurt

Sargeant's Mess1. Sargeant's Mess0.07 mi
(30 recensies)
Brits | Tower Hill,

"One of the best fish and chips I’ve eaten"Meer weergeven

Butlers Wharf Chop House Restaurant2. Butlers Wharf Chop House Restaurant0.11 mi
(4320 recensies)
Brits | London Bridge,

"It was my companion's 30th birthday and I made a note in the reservation. The staff were so thoughtful to greet us at our arrival and to have happy birthday written on the dessert. The food was very good but the service made the whole experience memorable."Meer weergeven

Le Pont de la Tour3. Le Pont de la Tour0.16 mi
(5129 recensies)
Frans | London Bridge,

"Lovely place, great food"Meer weergeven

Le Pont de la Tour Bar & Grill4. Le Pont de la Tour Bar & Grill0.16 mi
(639 recensies)
Frans | London Bridge,

"Excellent food and service as always!"Meer weergeven

Zizzi – St Katharine’s Dock5. Zizzi – St Katharine’s Dock0.17 mi
(94 recensies)
Italiaans | Docklands,

"New Year’s Eve celebrations"Meer weergeven

Kilikya’s Turkish Cuisine6. Kilikya’s Turkish Cuisine0.17 mi
(88 recensies)
Turks | Tower Hill,

"Amazing experience. Went there for New Years Eve and they sure know how to set a good atmosphere. They were super friendly and offered us prosecco. They seemed genuinely happy to be there. It was lovely, definitely recommend and definitely will go again."Meer weergeven

Bravas Tapas7. Bravas Tapas0.17 mi
(532 recensies)
Spaans | Tower Hill,

"Excellent food, I usually don’t keep going to dessert but they had me wanting MORE. Very pretty restaurant, friendly staff, only drawback I like a little more space between me and my fellow patrons, the table we had was a little too close to the next table along so not much privacy. Otherwise fantastic across the board."Meer weergeven

Cantina del Ponte8. Cantina del Ponte0.17 mi
(4315 recensies)
Italiaans | London Bridge,

"We live next door - always great but a shame to hear people are on the move. I hope standards are maintained"Meer weergeven

Gunpowder Tower Bridge9. Gunpowder Tower Bridge0.17 mi
(157 recensies)
Indiaas | London Bridge,

"Good food - nicely spiced and really tasty. Only point to raise - why no naan bread? (or similar) - the menu cries out for a nice fluffy, buttered naan but the only carb choice is rice (very nice rice to be fair)."Meer weergeven

The Coal Shed London10. The Coal Shed London0.18 mi
(405 recensies)
Brits | London Bridge,

"Great meal with the family. Good food and service. Especially recommend the Goat sharing meal - wouldn’t normally choose it but it was amazing."Meer weergeven