Thai One On Dundas

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Gegeten op 23 november 2019

Overall this was a very positive experience. Interestingly, we were the only table dining in. Several takeout orders processed while we were there. I can’t understand why it isn’t busier for dine in. It was really a perfect lunch spot for very decent Thai food at a great price.

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Gegeten op 10 augustus 2019

The kids and I enjoyed our $65 dining reward from Open Table at Thai One On. We rarely dine in at this spot so we took this opportunity to sit and enjoy. Glad we did ... thanks to Open Table’s rewards 😊

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Gegeten op 22 april 2019

This was an awkward experience. Good food but not a good experience.

I had booked here for dinner with my sister, who wanted some Thai food while visiting me from rural Nova Scotia. The food did not disappoint. It was good, but we could not understand why this restaurant was on Open Table.

What was disappointing was the service and the vibe. We clearly hadn’t gotten the memo... we were the only dine-in folks that night. Everyone else had ordered for take-out. And we saw a lot of pick-ups for the likes of Uber Eats, etc. We concur. It is a solid contender for your next take-out experience!

The waiter did not speak to us beyond delivering a menu and letting us know they did not have a liquor license... after we asked for beer... then wine... cocktails? Oh, no license? Ok... warm bottle of Perrier it is. Seriously, and no glass, ice or lime wedge.

Also disappointing? There were at least three people working front of house that evening and our waiter elected to stop and answer a ringing phone while delivering our food to our table. He must have been the least senior guy, because the other two didn’t budge while the phone was ringing. We watched as he was on his way from the kitchen... Phone rings, our guy sets our food down, takes the call, just under 5 minutes pass, he finishes said call, picks up our food and brings it to our table.

That was the last time anyone came to the table to see us. So we ate, walked up to the bar (yes, there is a bar but no booze), paid the bill and left.

Yes, my last act of defiance is detailed here. I said nothing while at the restaurant. I even tipped! I was too confused at the time and didn’t know how to react.

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Gegeten op 27 januari 2019

The place is beautiful! The wall decor and furniture compliment each other perfectly! The service is amazing! Our waiter was extremely nice and very entertaining. The food was amazing! I loved the Chicken Devil and the Beef Pad Thai! The portions of food are more than good! Overall, I would definitely be returning to this restaurant again. :)))


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